Milano 2022

Coney Island is a fun house mirror in which much of America, its psyche and dreams, its brash beauties and troubling realities, stands reflected. Visitors from all over the world were overcome by the scale, spectacle, and opulence of the buildings and grounds as well as the bustle and merriment of its midway and amusements. Upon arriving Coney Island in the middle of the pandemic with the absence of the fairgoers it felt dazed and different and then I realize that it is the people that made beauty.
This collection was inspired by my visit to Coney Island before and after the pandemic, the collection is driven by the purpose to create, revolutionize, sophisticated pieces that simultaneously inspire those who wished to stylishly distinguish themselves amongst the crowd, creating pieces that bridge fantasy and reality. The pieces are playful and imaginative, but always made with quality materials and that is Maya Seyferth way. test

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